People working for the LST1 project in La Palma must read the safety instructions document before travelling to La Palma, and sign a check list after having taken a safety tour at the site.

If you plan to travel to La Palma, even if you have not bought the ticket yet, inform of your intentions to the safety committee ( so your trip can be included in the travel schedule. Include the following information:

  » Name, email, institution

  » purpose of your travel

  » expected dates

  » accomodation (Town name or ORM)

  » phone number (How to reach you in case of emergency like fire, evacuation, etc)

Optionally you can also provide:

  » skype account

  » contact at home for emergencies

  » time of arrival and departure

  » flight numbers

The Spanish law requires that people from abroad working in Spain for a period longer than 8 working days need to notify the Spanish authorities. However, it is recommended to register also for shorter trips. The registration form needs to be filled out by an institute representative and send in advance of the travel via fax. This form is only valid for institutes inside the EU. It is only a notification, no feedback will follow from the Spanish authorities. Check official site for more information. (FAX number can be found here)

If you need to arrange a visa for your trip, contact the LST management to obtain an invitation letter from the IAC director. Keep in mind that issuing a visa may take several months: it is advisable to ask for the invitation letter and to submit the visa request as early as possible.

§ Registration form:

§ Travel schedule:

§ ORM booking form:

§ ORM status report:

§ AEMET weather warnings: